Main Cable

The main cable is a 5 corner Rixen 'Full' cable, it goes round the edge of the lake with set carrier positions on the cable. Everyone starts from the start dock and if/when you fall in you must swim to the bank and walk back to the start dock to go again. If you have never ridden a full cable before you will be given a safety briefing and then will need to start on a kneeboard, once you can complete a full lap on a kneeboard you can then progress onto a wakeboard. Sessions on the main cable are 1 hour or 2 hours long. We run different sessions depending on your ability, but our operators are always happy to give advice and tips to help you progress whatever your level.

During school holidays we run our 'School of Wake' (starting from May half term) these are kids only sessions (8-16 year olds), they are 2 hours long with slower cable speeds and extra coaches to help beginners and kids wanting to learn new tricks. A great way to introduce your kids to cable wakeboarding for a discounted price. Session times are 11 - 1pm Wednesday and Friday during school holidays.

We also run 'Booster' sessions for anyone who would prefer a slightly gentler introduction to the full cable, in these sessions we run the cable at a slower speed which helps with the start and the corners. These sessions are great for people either progressing from the Coaching Cable or perhaps coming back to wakeboarding after a long break. Session times are 11 - 1pm Thursday and 11am - 1pm Saturday.

What is wakeboarding? Wakeboarding is similar to snowboarding on water and is the evolution of waterskiing, and wakeskating is like skateboarding on water. Although originally an activity carried out behind a boat, hence the ‘Wake’ it has now progressed onto overhead cable systems, which is what we use. We have a full cable which takes 8 people at once and up to 40 people per hour, you can start on this cable on a kneeboard and progress to wakeboarding or we have the System 2.0 which is a one-to-one Coaching cable which has one person riding with a coach/operator giving instruction, you are guaranteed to get up on a wakeboard using this system! We have coaches qualified to teach all levels of wakeboarding and wakeskating, Ben is one of a handful of Level 3 wakeboard coaches in the UK, and James 'Mini' Harrington is 2023 Wakeskate World Champion so what he can’t teach you on a wakeskate isn’t worth knowing! Whether you are trying these sports for the first time or want to learn a new trick you won’t be disappointed at Hannam’s Wake Hub.

Coaching Cable (System 2.0)

The coaching cable is a straight line cable driven for one rider by a coach, this makes it perfect for teaching beginners as well teaching more experienced riders new tricks. We are so confident in this method of teaching that we guarantee we will get you up and wakeboarding in your first beginner session! The sessions are 15 minutes long as it is an intense way to ride, (when you fall off we just bring the rope back to you and get you back riding again) however you can book multiple sessions if you are feeling energetic! If you are booking a beginner session you should book 2 x 15 minute sessions in a row. Wakeboard hire is free on the coaching cable unless you are hitting the obstacles so only add it to your booking if you are a more advanced rider.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you want to challenge your balance skills or simply spend some time on the water, dangling your feet, breathing in the fresh air, then come hire a stand up paddleboard and make your way around our crystal clear lake. Sessions are 1 hour long and we can accommodate groups of up to 10 people. All participants must wear a lifejacket (provided) and must be able to swim 25m unassisted. Wetsuit hire included if wanted. Minimum age 8, children under 13 must be accompanied on the water by an adult. £20 per person, sessions must be pre-booked online.

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